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Devizes Cash and Carry Coal

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Keep yourself toasty warm over the cold winter months with our range of coal - Call us for delivery charges. ...

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Any orders placed will be subject to a delivery charge.

Open SIX days a week, drive in today or call Roses of Devizes 01380 722689

Traditional House Coal – 20kg - £8.00

Brazier Smokeless – 20kg - £10.95

* 24% hotter and 80% less smoke than house coal

* Designed for use on open fires and multi fuel stoves. It gives good performance, burning longer than house coal with a gradual and consistent release of heat

Wildfire Smokeless – 20kg - £9.95

* Produces 20% less Co2 than house coal. For use on open fires. Log and coal combination recommended.

* Wildfire takes on the characteristics of each material, making it easy to light, a low producer of ash, and a high heat producer

Stovesse Anthracite – 25kg - £12.75

* Ideally suited to closed appliances but also suitable for Aga, Rayburn, Parkray etc.

* Anthracite will always be a little harder to light than most other fuels. A small amount of paper or a firelighter with a generous amount of kindling should see you well on the way to success in a very short space of time

Homefire - 20kg - £13.00

* Best quality, one of our most popular smokeless fuels for multi-fuel stoves and open fires, slow burning.

Hotmax – 10kg - £6.00 or 20kg - £10.00

* Made from compacted, natural, unadulterated, recycled softwood dust and particles.

* For use with: Wood Burning Stoves, Open Fires, Fire pits, Barbecues, Camping, Chimeneas. Burns VERY hot!

Seasoned Hardwood Logs - £8.00

* Hardwood will burn slowly and efficiently. Hardwood logs provide both the warmth and that distinctive aroma only a real wood fire can give.

Seasoned Hardwood Kindling - £8.00

* It is easy to light thus taking no time to get your fire off to a roaring start.

*We deliver in our LOCAL Area* for Coal in Devizes call for details 01380 722689 (option 1)